Grey Phobia


Guns and machetes in black and white



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Grey Phobia is a third-person action game in which you control the survivor of a zombie apocalypse who has to use different weapons, including both hand to hand weapons and firearms, to face countless hordes of enemies.

The game mechanics are very simple: the camera is situated just behind your character you can only move forward and side to side. By doing so you have to advance through the different scenes in the game and face your enemies.

Players can use a number of different weapons to fight the zombies. You can use the machete to kill them quickly, but in order to do so you have to get close to the zombies, so that's not the best idea. Instead, you can use the machine gun or the shotgun, which will allow you to kill them from a safe distance.

As you advance through the adventure, you can improve some of your character's characteristics, including his armor, his health, or the speed at which he moves. This last one will be quite useful, because your hero moves very slowly at first.

Grey Phobia is a very entertaining third person action game that also has outstanding graphics. Its black and white comic esthetic fits perfectly with its direct and entertaining graphics.
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